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You Attract What You Complain About

Law of Attraction – We Get What We Complain About!

What we think about we attract! This is the basis of the Law Of Attraction.

This is the reason many people desire to have success in their lives, but they keep thinking and focusing on the problems and challenges.

So they keep on attracting into their lives, what they complain about!

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In order to advance in our lives, we must have a clear and compelling vision of what we want and we must bring enough emotion and clarity to that vision so that it becomes the dominant thought that permeates our waking and sleeping hours. In other words our mind is so preoccupied with what we do want that we have left no space for it to consider what we don’t want. In that way the Law of Attraction propels us toward our vision

We must learn to “zip” our lips and not speak of negative things and that which we don’t want. We must not complain about the things we don’t like but continuously advance toward the things we do like. We must not let ourselves spend any significant time dwelling in negative, for it is in the negative aspects all around us that we will create our greatest downfall in life. If we spend time dwelling in negativity, the Law of Attraction assures us of more negativity

This is where daily affirmations and reading of good books comes in. It is also, in this author’s opinion, reason enough to turn off the television and throw away the newspaper. The daily news has no socially redeeming value so why bother? Instead of focusing on the ugly in the world (the news) why not choose to focus on the good in the world, and there is plenty if you look for it.

The choice is yours. Do you want to reach your goals, your dreams, your aspirations or do you want to watch the news and sink deeper into depression, fear and doubt? Ultimately you pay the price for not concentrating on what you do want instead of what you don’t want. Make the Law of Attraction work for you by staying positive and focused on your dreams and not your nightmares

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